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The other course in 2005 or 2006, the records aren't so easy to find, but the names I have are:

Dave Cooling
Rob Farnworth
Richard Chasemeore
Richard Guscott
Dave Golby
Daz Ford
Paul Tithecott
Phil Borley
Roz Harding
Nigel Gilpin

All these courses were to club instructor level. I renewed my qualification in 2008 after five years on payment of a tenner. To renew you have to show that you have used the qualification to instruct others, not just to benefit yourself.

Also to get a certificate you have to have either a BFTA number (about 4) or be a NSRA member (nearer 70) and you can choose. Either way the certificate costs a tenner for the processing costs.

Something else that sometimes is misunderstood. Getting this qualification does NOT make you your club's instructor. The club has to appoint you. It's a bit like having a driving licence, it doesn't make me the club's driver, but without it they couldn't appoint me.
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