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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Been having a few eye problems recently... Helen has taking to shouting but then amusing herself by moving the door handles around...

But i've got to the bottom of it, and it's the old age creeping in... no biggie, just need the lenses redoing in the glasses. But there was some interesting info gained along the way.

As you get older ( close to 40 ), you ability for the eye to accommodate different focus lengths reduces... so your eyes get tired quicker as they try to. Your speed of focus change also reduces. Also, as you concentrate, your blink rate drops. I has been noted that downhill skiers sometimes never blink in a run that may last close to 2 mins! That concentration, combined with dusty enviroments, means your eye can sometimes not clear so well and may run a little drier.

Considering I drive to many shoots, it's probably safe to say my eyes are already sub what they should be when I arrive... added to a few hours staring down a scope and a drive home after a dusty day's shooting... and then a week staring at a screen, they're getting a hard life.

I've been using some eye drops to replace the fluid when my eyes get tired, and the effects are noticable... better contrast, colour, and sharpness.

Just thought i'd share as I spoke to two at the weekend who had been diagnosed with a dry eye.

I'm using Viscotears, which is available over the counter, and about 4. Worth a go perhaps if you seek medical advice due to similar problems.

As an aside, I asked if the eye could change focus if you got hot, but it's only in extreme heart loads that this might occur, suffice to say if you're not feeling like you've just run 400m, it's not something you should encounter even if you get hot while shooting... so that kicks one aspect of scope temp shift out there and away a little further...
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