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Hi Rob,

Eye problems

Just over a year ago I was having problems finding/locating targets. Daylight dawned and I realised that my Reactolite lenses were going dark and making the location of targets difficult to make out in woodland. I got glasses with clear lenses.

I then bought a laser pointer which was total crap. The blue dot was so pale that even at a couple of feet it was hard to make out, especially with my right eye. Complained to my Optician that his prescription was rubbish. My Optician riposted by saying that his prescription was fine but my Cataracts were the problem

Hospital said they would operate on both my eyes. Did my right eye and then said that's it

I now have much brighter vision in my right eye with my nice new plastic lens. The laser is now a nice bright purple colour.

I can now see all the floaters I have in my right eye and it's like having a series of mobile mil dots. As long as I get the right "floater" in the right place the target falls. Every shot is like winning the Lottery

Better than being blind I suppose

Isn't ageing fun

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