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Default Looks ok really???

Originally Posted by J.Wood View Post

Just thought some might be interested in seeing the Silver version of the March 8x80x56.

I visited March UK today to collect my scope, Gary Costello is a very nice chap. I had asked many questions before placing my order for the 8x80 and Gary has been very helpful and patient.

I will put the scope on my second EV2 and set it up slowly throughout the season.

Some may ask why did I buy the scope as I have a very good Big Nikko MK3:- I am now entering my third season in FT after about a 15yr break, I have always really enjoyed FT as a sport and meeting up with all my fellow shooters - so why not.

Oh yeah and fortunately I was lucky enough to earned a fairly good bonus year end 2010 so that helped a lot - dont tell the wife!! Ha ha. :


The new scope looks ok haahaa.... Very nice bud.

Maybe it was worth waiting for the silver 1 to come instead of juxt getting the one I have eh.

Less chance of it moving in high temp eh haahaahaaaa.......

Well I set mine up in -7C and th hottest Ive actually shot it in is +17C. Suprisingly it hasnt moved..... Theres a suprise eh lads???

You have to remember, I have owned all the scopes you lads are talking about apart from the S&B...... I am going to stick with the March thank you. Dont forget Simon I sold you the Mk4 bud............????

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