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walthers last the course
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correct . very few targets i miss are because of rangefinding , so why did i buy a new scope

well its like this ,,, i fancied a change and a new toy . whether the s&b goes on my main rig remains to be seen .
its nice to have a play with a new toy every now and agian .

if we all stoped and tried to justify buying new bits ,we would never do it .shooting is what i enjoy even a bad days shooting is far more enjoyable than a good days work .

its the same with guns why do we spend loads of money having stocks made ,shinny bits added etc it makes the owning of it even nicer

over the past 6 years i have bought and sold a few guns but always stuck with the walthers in the end because they are bomb proof and simple to fix
scope wise i have only had 3 ft scopes 1st was a big nikko that got damaged so i replaced it with the leup

this issue of whats the best will never be solved as everyone has different tastes and views

but can you honestly say that if money wasnt an issue you would not buy the best you can
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