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you are correct simon . the nikko is a lot cheaper than the s&b or the march , and they range find well but the optics and build quality are not in the same league , the turrets and side wheel are streets ahead on both the march and s&b .you have got to also consider the resale value if i wanted to sell me s&b it would go straight away , i have had 4 calls of shooters asking if i want to sell it

its up to the idividual to pay his money and take his choice , like i said time will tell as i havent used the s&b in the field yet ,

its the same as a lot of things in life cars .houses ,etc they all do the job but some are just nicer and give you pried of ownership ,

we all want the best things in life some people will always make do some people like to have nice toys
it doesnt matter what others think . as long as your happy and enjoy the kit you use

some one asked me yestareday why would you pay xxxxx for a scope my reply was because i can and i like my toys . i dont drink or take big hols or buy fancy clothes , i like guns and toys

remember though 700 x 4 = 2800 so if you sold all of yours you could buy a march , i am waiting to see woodys silver one ,, might have one of them aswell

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