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my 60 moves at 27-28c, but it's like a switch and takes barely minutes to move. 4mm around the wheel, and it's all sorted.

early reports from SA say the 80's aren't moving, but it's a lot of dosh to part on someone's say so, so i'd keep close to those that have them and see what happens.

bear in mind though, there's only been 2 shoots where that's happened to me in the uk... wales, and shires 100, where she seemed to do ok I can't remember what she did at gp9.

the bacofoil slowed it down, but the heat will get there somehow, and i'd prefer it switches rather than soaks slowly. If it's hot, i'll keep her hot, if she's cool i'll keep her so.

as for the optics and ranging i need a look through, but i suspect each will have it's strengths and weaknesses and it's a case of flavouring as to what you want... price and availablity are also to be considered.

i'm happy with my 60. it won't be sold, along with 2 other scopes i own.
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