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Default The final entry

Originally Posted by holly View Post
My advice . dump the EV2 . get the NJR out and we will battle it out over the GPs ? NJR versus GC2 ??? HOLLY
No need to Dump the Ev's, may cut in half, attach a small plank and use as a Bat to whack the pellets towards the targets like you and that thing you used on the weekend!
Seemed to work fairly well you old sod

Still, many things have been learnt and indeed I suspect there is still something to be learnt as the year progresses.

So, lets start the end.

Following on from faultless practise all last week it was 4am Saturday morning that I first thaught i was late for the weekend. No, panic over and at 5.40 am I have loaded The Count into the Tondu Tourer. At this point we are worried as we have already filled the car with many guns, cloths and things we probabaly dont need. The thaught of if we need this much for 1 night in Newbury is worrying when you think of 5 nights in Italy. May need a bus and a 747 to get there come september??

We pick up Douglas Bader and set off, plan A is on schedule.

Only for some 20 + miles down the m4 to hear a little voice from the back of the tourer "oh ****, I forgot my boots"

So, our plan to arrive at Newbury before everyone else takes a step back.

We stopped at Lee havingamare to be greated with the wonderfull sight of the cornish pastie van. Many 's lighter one of my debts is sorted.

We slip streamed the Nelsonites down the m4 so saved at least 15 p of petrol and arrived in taffy convoy at 9.15, only to see about 400 cars in front of us. Must be a football match on?

I set about my official photography detail and decide to shoot late, being already very late.
Early scores look good so eventually i decide group 12 ish is ok.
I pay my debts with 50footer.
Fisrt things first at any Bfta shoot, the Chrono. There were tales of its running fast and of course low!
My first shot is 819.
At this point i should have said thanks very much, sign here and departed. But thinking something is up (speed) and the Bfta chrono is correct a major faffing with tools and anti tampers results in dropping 10 ish feet off. Meanwhile, Jon Harris comes along, reads high, says the chrono is crap and shoves his bag on top, His feet ps drop -10 just with the bag on top. It then dawns on me the sun is trying to break through and the light is being diffused by the white gazzeebboo!

A brief spell on the zero sees pellets go where they want in the Newbury wind so as everything was 100% all week it must be fine, all i need now is a partner. Foolishly young Woddy wanders into my sights right on que and is knabbed.

It starts not well, the splattered kneelers in lane 1 reveal no clue as to where they hid my pellets, the only clue i have is dont look in the little hole.
1st miss i put down to wind, but struggled to convince myself that would be the real reason. 2nd one and i knew i was in trouble.

Now the funny thing was i had not come to win this weekend, that was The Counts job. I just wanted do well enough to climb from 79.5 % to80+% and so prop up AA for the 2011 Gp season.
1 ex 4 and I was ready for the Curry
I had given up and had no confedence in the gun or where the pellets were going to go, i was not even aware I hit the next 8 targets?
Think Woody is my mate really and felt sorry for me lol! Think target 13 was a reducer? Missed it and now on the reducers / short targets i was going way high.
Talking to Little Jack about Pole dancers as that was the only thing i had to look forward to, it dawned on my tha last thing at tondu I had commented to Countorik " I think my barrel is due for a clean, but i wont bother now"
Had to go mothering day shopping!

Come target 30 it was on my mind as to if i pulled the opening kneelers so decided to take the last 10 kneeleing for practice. I cleared the lot, which in hind sight was probably because they were mainly all long range. Harry hedgehog, no problem!

So bemused as to how I had cleared the last 10 and missed so many "easy" targets i "forgot" to hand in my card. Never mind
I pay my Debts with a packet of Chocolate Hobnobs to the toothless wonder

Before too much of the Red wine had been consumed upon reaching the Travel Lodge the cleaning kit was down the barrel and indeed revealed black stuff.
Job done, gun must be MEGA again me thinks.

Really enjoyed the Curry and night out, not too much to drink and a very nice meal. Was knackered though and despite my best estimate that it was 10pm when we touched back down apparently it was closer to 12! Long Day.

Sunday and all is well, I pay yet more debts with a Real Pastie.
The organisation at Newbury is top notch as ever and Little Kev is the first one down my lens. More wind it seems today from talking to those not missing short targets, so once Top tondu shooters Countorik and Bader are finished I decide i will use up the Swefta score card, even if I dont count

Zero range and a change of policy, start on the 20 yard ish board. Mmmmm, 8 clicks high? Same out to 40, 6 - 4 clicks.
So, maybe there is a thing called summer that has started?

Armed with new information its the long climb up to the Start where i spy a not too happy Bobby Banks wondering what happened to the rest of group 12 as group 13 and 14 are now starting to group.

As my score dont count, I was just there to make numbers up and see if i have sorted the REV out? Contract is drawn up and we start to start.

Noted that Neale M is in front and his hot shot counter is at 13 degrees, its climed to 20 by the time we finish the course!

All goes well, guessing how many clicks to knock off the shorter targets works well and its not long before i even get to aim at a plate instead of bushes. Came off plate far more than i thauhgt i would need to but we cleared the first 22. Hit the high stander but the uneven floor meant all my weight was on the back leg for the longer stander and although i was close, right on 12'oclock i got no cigar. Poor old Bobby looked like he was on a see -saw after stretching to take the high stander so we are both 1 down.
Sure I heard someone saying saturday night it would be a good rule to say all standeing lanes must have flat shooting platforms. Taxi!

I then have the only real bad shot of the day as my rock steady kneeler (short one) begins to drift nd i try rushing the shot. I might have sworn at that point and it put me off my stride a bit, even got a 1.30 call from Mr.Banks, but off plate and the second kneeler falls. Off plate for the long one in the next lane and its looking good again.

At the top of the course though i started to feel the effects of Saturday night and having run out of water and no munchies struggled the rest of the course to hold steady as stomach begins to errupt.
Missed two more, one for giving too much wind, Bobby not giving it enough and then the last target.
50+ and although the wind had seemed to have dropped it had followed me all the way down the home strestch so i gave it half inch off kill, only to see it fly straight as an arrow! Bit of a bugger that one, should have used up my time and waited for the wind!

Still, 36 at least showed I and the REV are ok, but of course the Vulture like figue of Holly was already doing the I`ve won a hot dog dance behind me on the final lane

Its been a good laugh, seems to have foolled alot of people, but this week sees the Priest being set up and from here on in its off to beat Hot Dog Holly in the Gp's.

Then world domination
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