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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
The idea Pete, is when your score is low due to equipment failier, you dont hand in your card and thus you dont drop yourself down a grade, potentially.
This happens.

So technically, its more sporting not to hand in the card if a low score was not down to being an aardvark
Thus the "true" shooters in a lower grade wont be having to compete against a higher grade shooter.

The term ringer then disapears
Si, having a dirty barrel isnt a DNF kit failure... it's a brain failure for not being prepped, so is an aarvark qualifier...

The logic that says; my gun shoots up and down like a misranging yoyo when it's got a snotty nose but i won't clean it before a major national like the british champs, is on par with buying a scope that tells you that you are a turn out and ignoring it, or answering that you are sure you are shooting the right target, and then shooting the wrong one.

Lets see if you qualify at Dartmoor Si... i need to shoot with someone else... i can save you the walk to the stats office on the way back carrying that card that's bound to be heaviliy laden with zeros. ( I know the ink of a zero weighs more than an x )
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