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That's about the best i've done. That was 25yds indoors with a springer off the knee. I've done it at 55yds and it was no bigger, again off the knee, indoors, but with the walther. The springer was with a 10x scope, the walther was set on 40x

Although I have done it more times at 25 yds with the walther than i can remember*, what i can say is that it's outweighed by the amount of times by about 10:1 with one shot that spoils it. That's with 5 shots. 1 shot to mark the paper, another 5 to follow it in. At 55yds, that's more like 100:1 attemps, but getting 4 in there is more like 25... when i finally did it off the knee i swore i'd not try and do it again at such long range. Given the odds, it was probably a fluke and i wasn't about to spoil the dream by trying to get another one in there, let alone 5
That said, when i'm in the zone, i can usually send 10 in there, or repeat it at 25. But it's not easy. Even being a 1/4 moa out sends if off... and i find it extremely hard to do it on the black of the target or get it exactly central over a specific point, like a target dot, or letter.
When i'm doing this i usually try and put 5 inside each 10 ring on the nsra card, then find letters and gaps around in the blank areas where i can do some more... or draw lines up and down to check windage and elevation clicks...

I know a shooter who can do this standing though at 10m...

I think if you're looking at harmonics, getting the soft spongy nutt out of the equation must be looked at. Whilst this might introduce other issues, just supporting the rifle brings in an element of inconsistency itself.

Has anyone ever clamped down the muzzle of a rifle so it can't move?

* in my early days it wasn't unusual to go through a tin in a night in a few hours indoors...
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