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Originally Posted by leswado View Post
I own a Steyr lg110ft and keep reading about one hole groups (not only with Steyr's). What exactly do people call one hole groups,are we talking one pellet size hole or grouping holes which really can be any size depending on how many shoots you put in. Surely this is what is meant as a one hole group.
Be interesting to see some sizes posted.
As Chris has said it's putting 3, 5, 10 or however many shots through a hole no bigger than the hole left by the first pellet. In practice taking into account all the variables both human and mechanical its a very very hard thing to do. I have access to an indoor range which measures 35yds and can honestly say in the several years I've shot there with all manner of guns, from S200s to Steyrs, the number number of "one hole" groups with anymore than 5shots can be counted on one hand.
I'm still intending to work on the harmonics theory and maybe with a bit of luck the one hole groups will become a doddle Watch this space for updates
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