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Originally Posted by leswado View Post
I own a Steyr lg110ft and keep reading about one hole groups (not only with Steyr's). What exactly do people call one hole groups,are we talking one pellet size hole or grouping holes which really can be any size depending on how many shoots you put in. Surely this is what is meant as a one hole group.
Be interesting to see some sizes posted.
One hole groups are generally when you shoot five or ten shots and each shot has gone through the same hole making the group appear "one hole"

Don't believe the accuracy claims mate...some shooters are on cloud cuckoo land.

I've managed to do it 3 times at 35 yards with a Daystate Platinum on a still day......3 x 10 shot one hole groups one after another. I'd never managed it before and i've not managed it since and i put a lot of pellets onto card to check grouping and for locating to odd flyer.
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