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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Stretch I say!

You can use mobiles as modems, but it's called 'tethering' and some carriers like to charge different rates for the data. But perhaps that's something that could be just done as an expense to see how it flies?

But it would be great.

Get a sponsor to stump up for a dirty great LCD, PDA handheld scorecards wifi'd back to base, infomercials and adverts running in between live score updates... tis the future. Imagine that at the Euros as 1000's walk past. Obviously if you're going to that expense a few HD slowmo cams spread around the place showing pellet flight and strikes would be nice.

We would have to do something about Calpin's shorts though!

Already had the suggestion made to me of two video's, one covering the firing line, another on a tricky target... let em run, record, stick the feed up wherever afterwards side by side for people to view. Not a 5 minute job, but could be fun one day.

Got a sound operated shutter release here on my desk as well...
I sometimes use my iphone tethered to my laptop, and I have got a dongle we could have used, but we decided to walk first.
Some of us shooting types don't like change...
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