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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
I know Dave ..... cripes i know ...

I was just highlighting an area where i have been concerned, and what happens when I take the easiest path to 'sorting' it without digging for the reasoning behind it first. FWIW, it wasn't an issue in the uk. And perhaps this is the driver... the game is getting bigger than a few people in a muddy field... but i do like the days when the spirit is present more than the rule book is examined and a good shoot had by all.

I agree, you won't stop someone determined to win by finding loopholes. No rule book will stand it, which is why many carry this "spirit of the game" rule. I also don't think you'll ever stop people seeing some actions as cheating i'm afraid. Not because it's supposedly in some people's nature to do that, but because I think we all have our own thoughts now and then, and we're all not perfect. I know i do it, but perhaps i'm guilty of judging other by my own imperfect standards. I know they're not 100%, cos i get a jab in the ribs now and then from someone reminding me of the perspective of a new shooter to the game!

Personally, i'd rather continue with my own game, and then just sit back and watch Ozzy etc make a mockery of it by clearing courses or leaving everyone behind and everyone else scratching their heads as to just how the hell they manage it. Scratch that... i know how they manage it, the bloody great trick is working out how the hell i can do it as well. I'd like to see the sport continue to be able to do that on all levels.

I'd like to add though, in the original vein of the thread, Shaun's score display system was superb... and on a day where everyone usually bugs the hell out of stats finding out who has scored what and what someone else needs, it must have made their life easier as well as providing an excellent source of banter for the rest of us. Nice to see CSFTA at the top, even though it was short lived.
The computer display was great - hopefully - next year we can have text message updates as well