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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
That's my point Dave. The reason behind someone doing something that could be perceived as a route for cheating needs to be revealed (even if it's only to the officials) so that possibility can be explored and the spirit regained.

On the flip side, if you have an event where a target can be pulled for a reason that 3 or so people give, and it's a team, and one misses, what is to stop someone texting someone else in the team to say than when you get to target X, miss it, and call it, and it will get pulled.
Then if no other options exist - I would vote to ban teams or people who want to use phones are not part of a team.

If people are that desperate to win then they will find other ways to bend the rules.

The only comp that is different is the Inters.

I may be in the Walther team but I still want to beat all the other Walther team members and would not knowingly miss a shot for anyone.