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Hi Rob,

No there isn't any secret so I can answer all your questions. Yes, my rifle had problems a year ago, the velocity was very consistent in a few shots after each other but it slowly gone down 4-5 m/s in 10-15 shots and then back again, in a wave form. It's a known FWB bug. So if I measured the velocity a few times then I knew how many clicks to add to maintain the POI. That's the way I'm coped with it. The Daystate GP chronoes each and every shot, and even adjusts the power for every shot...

Anyway, this problem was cured already and the velocity is stable, but it goes slowly down as the air tank pressure gets lower. It's not too much, about 2 m/s on an air tank, but I like to know where it actually is, an S&B shooter has enough vertical instabilities already, from the rangefinding's temp shift. I could have made a table to calculate how my rifle drops the velocity as the tank pressure goes lower (assumed that reading the pressure on the course is not unfair...) - but this way anybody else can see that my velocity remains below the limits during the whole competition so I prefer chronoing.

About the scope shift: I have designed and built a barrel floating and scope mounting system, which results that my scope never shifts POI at all. This is a technical advantage, too. But this is an innovation which takes this sport forward and all FT rifles will be built this way sometimes, when the rifle designers understand how it works. By the other hand, my scope moves the rangefinding with temperature a lot - but if I know the actual temperature, then I know how to read it (assumed that reading the thermometer on the course is not unfair...) Many people have problems with their guns but they know how to live with it, for example 'my rifle goes a bit higher after the 25-30th shot so I have to aim a bit low' (assumed that counting the shots on the course is not unfair...).
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