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Originally Posted by kilty View Post
OK guys............
I was his marshal and I let it happen, so apologies if I was wrong but I cannot see where in the rules that it states that a chrono cannot be used. Maybe I missed the rule? Someone will correct me shortly??
The Combro was not used every lane. I think it was used about three times, maybe four.
Rules is Rules as I heard a few times at the week-end and we should all play to them.

Barry in my opinion you have no need to appologise. Also I do not think Andras is knowingly cheating if at all but it is not in the spirit of the game if you have an error it is up to you to work out by trial and error there is nothing in the rules that stops a shooter taking a sighting shot on his target the only result is a miss unless he actually hits the kill I hit spikey at 12 o clock miss I could not say to my partner I know where I am going so I will take the shot again