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Originally Posted by Dale View Post
Thought I saw at least one at the Inters yesterday.

Was just a thought in response to Mr P's comment.

As to the chrono - seemed to give a reading about where I would expect with my rifle yesterday.
I thought at the time that you were having problems with the rifle Andras, that's why at the nefta i didn't see an issue. But I don't think taking chrono shots on the course is not really on in that respect in my opinion. If the rifle doesnt work very well, get a better one, or learn to cope with it like many others have.

Where it's known a scope shifts all over the place, i don't think it's fair to use a bit of technology to determine why a shot didn't go where expected, or better said, it's a technological advantage to solve a potential problem.

But really, i don't know why you do it, so perhaps explaining why you do it might ease the comments?

Apologies for asking this on a forum, where as you might prefer to talk face to face... but i think it may help.

The general spirit, in my opinion is that the plinking range is where the work is done, the course is a test of the skills. I don't think anyone begrudges someone trying to get around a course with a problem, but as a tactic for competing constantly I think the solution needs to be found off the course first.

As for the daystate, well, you could start dumping shots to see a reading, but if you don't then you are taking shots at a target. But if there's no chronoing on the course as a rule, then you just tape the readout over.

It's difficult because when you get into it, items considered to be a technological advantage are so hard to define or draw a line on as to where they should stop. In the spirit of the game is a good rule, but i know i've had it chucked at me about shooting jackets etc, so know how that feels when opinions don't agree on what is in the spirit of the game. But my personal opinion is that it's you, your clothing, some ammo and a rifle and you should be able to move normally without restriction.

Perhaps anything electronic should be just pulled from the game? I'm all in favour of losing mobiles, not because of the occasional noise (which can be distracting for some), but because if it gets into someone's head that they are being used for cheating around a large course by a team, then all hell will break lose with the spirit of the sport. I think that's the issue at hand... when it comes to a point where the issue of cheating is raised, then the spirit of the sport is disturbed until it's resolved.

'We' all know to a good degree where the spirit is, where it's pushed, and where people might consider it broken... but as the game has moved on and spread, that is changed as the game settles into new territories and is adopted. What we are now seeing is the feedback loop of the sport's progression. Yep, it's presenting new problems, but it's being shared by a lot more people across the globe now, as the capacity Worlds event is demonstrating, and how several conversations recently have looked to how it can be made even bigger. I have to admit, i think it could need some stuff being brought in that people may not like, but i think the time is coming where no one person, club, country etc is bigger than the sport anymore and we may have to rely on some rules that everyone can lean on... as much as i hate rules and prefer we didn't have to.

Helen's rifle gave a reading 17 fps lower than the day before, but it was bang on zero when she left the range and i didn't hear of shots falling out of the kill in the debrief.... dunno. Light affecting a chrono is a problem that can affect a reading.
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