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Shot the Champs with Andras on Saturday. He used his Combro a few times around the course which I had no objection to.( he asked first)
He probably knows that his rifle moves a bit in temperature. Just like my Steyr used to do a few years ago. (if you see a drop in power you can add a few clicks to correct it?) Anyone looked at his sidewhhel will know how much thought he puts into his shooting.
He moved to the UK to shoot with the best in the sport so he can learn from the best to become the best. I think.
Like it or not, Andras is a frickin good shot. Not much company to shoot with as he "keeps in the zone" but an intelligent chap who really doesn't need to bend any rules to win. And mark the words..........he WILL WIN a big comp quite soon I think.....and he does every shot the way FT was intended to be shot.

just my take

Aggie was missing this week-end Andras, hope she is OK