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Originally Posted by chrispro97 View Post
he went through bang on bfta power as he always does their are alot of rumours going around the guy is a top shooter in ft and very deadicated to the sport,goes through bfta gp ok and went through ok today at newbury only dropping 3 so he is a top ten shooter at the moment,so can we stop these rumours and let him shoot,our sport does not need rumours of power we get checked every gp at bfta etc,and our winter league at purley chase he went through ok on our chrono and still shot a 29 out of 30,so its all jealous rumours that u get to ere when he is a dame fine shooter
Yes, sadly that was one of the first warm days and my rifle went over the BFTA limit with an enormous 0.7 fps, so I had to accept Mr. Moy's opinion that this was an unacceptably unfair advantage and withdrew my score, which was anyway really a way too good score from a foreigner and I understand that it was hard to believe. I was sorry about it because I was in a very good form that day, full of enthusiasm on my first English championship and I was sure that if ever, then I could have beaten Dave in the shoot-off for the first place that day.

Many thanks to those shooters - sorry but I was very new to the FT scene then and can't remember all the names - who confronted with the BFTA leaders in favour of me. They gave my faith back that the famous English fairplay exists though. Thanks again mates, that was a revelation for me indeed.

I have won competitions in half of Europe, was 6th in the Worlds and 3rd in the MFTA Winter Leagues etc. and have been chronoed so many times, and always passed of course. I don't know how many more times I have to prove that I can shoot - but I will do it, so no problem
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