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Don, as you know we have one of the original FT models which I use nowadays.
Craig has recently got a PM2 12-50 which in our opinion is better than the FT model. Heavier as well.
Our FT is very good but the PM2 is much better.
It comes down to 10 mtrs, not 8, 9 or 10 yards.

Hi Robbie, S&B will not re-parallax the PM2 and for what it costs, I for one would not entrust it to anyone to play about with. You all know that S&B glue in the front bell.

Rangefinding is nearly idiot proof. It snaps in and out and can definitely differentiate between 40yards all through 55 yards.

btw the long board from the middle section of the plinking range was near as damn it 60 yards. I made the second longest board 53 yards.

How many used a PM2 12-50 this week-end?
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