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Some really good shooting all around. That wind was a *****, and it caught out many in similar ways... still, i had my calm in the storm, taking spikey and his partner straight down the throat.. That made up for the early ones walking a kill plus in wind that wasn't enough to budge the windicator this end.

Well done Rob, well deserved, as per quite a few new names near the top like Simon Higgins putting another strong one in. Nick putting a fine display in with the springer.

Has done nothing to remove the thought that it's going to be a tough year... thought it had to be approached with a clearance in mind, no matter what the conditions were, and I think that will set the pace for the year.

Someone going a turn out on a scope, that has a specific feature to tell you when you were a turn out. made up for my screw up of answering "yes" to when someone asked if i was sure i was on the right target. I was sure. But it wasn't the right target

Looking forward to tomorrow... and to pulling them strings, before and after.
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