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Smile Good Morning Gwent

Hi Danny, -will do.

Just spoken to Nicky this morning; she had a much better night thankfully and is feeling much more chipper.
She's been able to have a shower, - FINALLY!!! So that alone is making her feel far more comfortable. The dressing has been changed and all looks good so a new cast has gone on.

She's made friends with the next youngest lady in the ward... who is 72, and between them they seem to be keeping the rest of the inmates in check!

The nurses have already nicknamed Nicky the vigilante as she's pressing her buzzer and keeping the staff aware of any problems. -I gather a lot of the patients are unsure how to use the buzzer, if indeed they're even aware there is one... So when Nicky spots them looking concerned she's able to call the staff and get them assistance.

She's hoping to find out today when she might be allowed home, so the next hurdle will be how to facilitate that. -There's no way she could get in or out of a car at the moment. I'm not sure if the local ambulance transport are set up for a 450 mile round trip. We shall see... I've found a few private ambulance firms advertised so will get some quotes if necessary.

Her hubby Jonathan is an undertaker so I did suggest the hearse as it has a good 8' of flat loading. Nice steady ride... at 15mph.
Didn't go down too well.
Shame, I can just imagine Sally Traffic on radio 2 announcing chaos on the M4 with someone startling car drivers by waving a big pink rifle shaped wreath at them.

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