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Unhappy Day 6...

I've just spoken to Nicky, she's very tired and fed up, and feels as though her leg has been through a mangle. She didn't have a good night thanks to a patient from another ward who decided to go on walkabout and started waking everyone up by screaming and shouting at them.

She's now propped up in a high backed chair with her foot on a stool which is inordinately uncomfortable, and still has the morphine drip attached to her arm as they can't release it. The latter being a problem as its set to *BEEP!* when empty to alert the nurses. It is empty. It has been empty for a while. When I spoke to Nicky all you could hear every few seconds was a mind splitting *BEEP!*.
I've offered to FedEx her a hammer to *fix* the ruddy thing once and for all.

She's hopeful that she might be released Saturday or Sunday, though they've not yet discussed if she'll be able to go by car or will have to be transported back by ambulance.

So, in essence, happy that its finally been done, but very tired and frustrated that its taken this long. And she really wants to get some sleep!!!!
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