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Smile Those of a nervous disposition look away now

Missive from Nicky, she's sent me a piccie of her 2nd X-ray;

This was taken after they fitted the temporary (*5 days cough!!*) cast to check everything was there and thereabouts. The initial X-ray looked abit like a side view of a Jumanji game that wasn't going too well. Not good.

At the moment she's basically on a geriatric ward with all the people waiting for joint replacements, I think its safe to say she's the only one there with her original hips and teeth.
As you can imagine that's not much fun... especially as some are a bit bewildered about where they are and keep trying to escape or wander off at all times of the day and night.
If anyone else would like to send some flowers she's busy building her own bunker of pink petals to seperate her from the rest of the ward.

Her current location is;
Nicola Pearson
Ward C5 West
Royal Gwent Hospital
Cardiff Road
Newport NP20 2UB

Her op is still scheduled for this afternoon, so fingers crossed it all goes smoothly, and I'll post an update later.
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