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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
According to bfta say so I am Wafta until next year, thats why i cant shoot for Swefta sunday.

so, team Tondu sorted thanks.
ah, that's bfta.

as wales know to their cost though, to switch country in the worlds, you need to be resident or citizen and for a certain time period for inclusion in the country at that level, and as per the EFTA's constitution, the EFTA's main role is to sort the English team out.

This is why i have said to people from other countries, not just yourself, that you need to get your representation made via your own countries rep. The EFTA can and does share the info it passes upon, but it can't fight the battles for people not in it's own country.

The one shooter i know who resides in the CSFTA region, who shoots for another country in the worlds, as he is allowed to do so, is in close contact with his rep, and his rep is in close contact with the WFTF.

who knows what will happen at the worlds next year... the question as to if individuals can get into the event will be certainly a hot topic... and i suspect it will be first open to WFTF members firstly... and i suspect entry to possibly be only accepted by reps for that reason... who knows...?
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