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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
No 1 some has been off school so todays shooting session was not what was planned.

However, once at tondu had a little zero session with team Walther member countorik. Both guns grouping very tight in the unusuall condition of little wind on the Tondu zero range.

so, once the tide had braught in Jelly Fish we had a fettle with the Team NJR Gun and tweaked a few settings and off we set on the practice course.

Team Walther 0 ex 2 off the long first lane. Tam Njr 1 ex 2 and Team Air Arms, well how do you....!

Walther, in colder / slightly damp conditions seemed to be throwing pellets high so i lent him the excuse, wrong air pressure. Just as well as he went on to miss another 2 long ones and a stander.
Team Njr dropped a string but picked it up well late in the course while i tried altering my butt hook to a low position for the standers and missed the long one.
Wont bother altering it again and will put it where it usually is!

So, another mega session.

Team walther 20 ex 25
Team Jelly Fish 14 ex 25
Team Mega AA 24 ex 25

One more session Friday all being well before the weekend.
and you and derk are deciding to call me a gun twinkering tosspot ?
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