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Originally Posted by pistolgirl View Post
Hi everyone I am writing this from my hospital bed, I am fairly comfortable and the welsh hospital I am in are doing a grand job of getting me sorted. My morale is high although I realise I may not be back shooting for a couple of months. Hopefully my mechano set is being fitted to my leg today if anyone feels like a chat pm there phone number as I can call any number starting in 01 02 or 03 for free. I have made the decision for Jonathan to stay at home and look after things there and as visiting is very restricted here, a couple of hours I could see no sense in him coming back up until I have had the op.
Pete Sparkes and derrick came to see me last night and brought me some chocolate signing off for now lol nicky xxx
Glad you're on the mend Nicky. If you get bored in hospital I can you some pellets that need weighing up!

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