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Default What a day!!

A huge thank's to everyone at Treetop's it was a fantastic course and it was fab to see everyone again.
Mini Marshall absoultly loved his first UK and managed to get 37 and said He can't wait till the next one. He actucally got both of the snakes down!!
A massive thank's to Kevin for going round with us and not losing the plot!!

I spoke to Nicola last night and she was high as a kite and laughing!! She was on every drug going....
But she has actucally broken her Tibia and Fibula one 3 times and the other 2 times!! I can't remember which way round she said .She will be in Wales till the weekend and will hopefully have her op on Tuesday when she will have to have a rod and nut's and bolts put in to keep her together!!

Anyone who want's to be kept in touch with her give me a call and I will pass on her number

See you at MAD Saturday

Andrea,Bruce and Mini Marshall
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