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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Top day at Tondu today.

Finished off some working around the side shoots and putting the rest of our 25 shoot practise course out.

After a quick zero check took to young Jelly Fish and new new member Nasty (Not) Rob onto the course

Not too much wind, enough to taske you out of kill past 40 yards.

Cleared the first 24 then had a dodgy pellet fly low on the last target
Still, mega performance from the REV in rd 1

Jelly Fish claimed his dailing points were out, so we did them. Ok, they were out !

Rd 1 Ex 25

Mega REV 25
Jelly Fish 13
Nasty (Not) Rob 11
Colonel Gage 20

Bungle& Cursed hAAt - No show

Derk, hit and hope? probably 13

New Member Andy "Which is Left and Right" Wales joined us for a late session two
Now between Jelly Fish and AndyWales there was ,more danger of the clocks going back tonight!!

We ended up rushing the last few lanes as it was past 5pm, light was failing and Jazz was barking everytime i picked the gun up. Thus i missed more than i should have! Should have only dropped 3.

Rd 2

Mega REV 20
Jelly Fish 15
AndyWales 15

Good day all round, some practise late next week and onto the Champs?

I`m not allowed to play in the regional
i hope they don't think they are all staying till 5pm

more shooting then though
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