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Originally Posted by Mr P View Post
Nothing to do withcash dave we have a handicap competition for a cup as well where it is possible for some people to have a 30 target head start dead simple really if you want an exclussive comp that is fine just say so before the start if the comp is only open to b and c grade shooters no problem
What I was trying to say (and didn't manage ) was that I am all for shooting club comps and at the end of the day I will judge myself by the way I have shot. So if I come last due to a handicap system but know I have shot well then I can go home happy.

Now - if there is cash involved then I could not say the same

The title of this thread is "Castle March Cash Club Hadicap" - so I wondered if this type of handicap shoot should ever be for cash. If so then the hanidcap should be based on your bank balance and then at least the poor people will get a pull

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