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Originally Posted by Gibbs View Post
Hi Marcelo,
And welcome to Shooting the breeze.
Most people in FT use a high mag scope on the highest mag to judge the range. This is acheived by marking the parallax ring/wheel with the ranges. (example - when the 20mtr target is in perfect focus, the wheel is marked 20mtr and when the scope is focussed on the 30mtr target, the wheel is marked 30mtr)
So when you have marked all the ranges on the wheel you can then focus on any target and the mark on the parallax ring/wheel will indicate the correct distance. You can then work out your aimpoint/dialling.
The higher the mag, the better this works.
Hope this helps.

All the best

hello Alec! of course, we do the same way with any of our scopes, all of us use the parallax as a virtual "telemeter". my question goes more to the magnifing range at every target distance.
Just as an example, with my EdGun Matador or my Talon SS ToGo both .22 and almost 960ft/sec with 15,9 JSBīs i use no more than 12x up to 20Mt and 24x from 20 to 50 Mt.
Again this ONLY in HFT and our promotional category... (iīm thinking about our silluettes... all of them seem be build to Powder Guns! hahaha to thick for long lasting use.

Now waiting for a couple of 16 joule rifles here, is like a new start for all of us, imagine that, there are ONLY 6 to 10 A EV2 in our country! and a couple of Daystate, FX and Theoben.

Some "fellas" ask me to get some more rifles for us. all of them are charmed whit the "new" category
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