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I had a superb day on my debut in SWEFTA.... Really enjoyed the course, challenging and made me think.... once I had the wind sorted they went down nicely.... Liked the 15ml kills, good challenge... I will endeavour to actually hit them next time!!!

Still getting used to windage and shooting way outside of the kill actually works on a windy day!!! Just have to remember how the wind changes when you have two targets... one up the hill and one down the bottom of the hill..... Got my long distance ones tho.. so smiles all around....

Tony and Rich it was good to meet you, Simon a pleasure as always, Woody the cakes were yummy, I shall make sure I bring some with me next time, Dave and Rob was good to shoot with you as always.... Rob note the easy stander that you missed.... I hit

Am still grinning like the cat that got the cream with my B grade success.... My little certificate will be in pride of place... in front of some trophy Rob got.... CSFTA showdown 2010 winner I think.... but my certificate if of far more significance..... Rob... dont brake this one!!!

Am really looking forward to next SWEFTA comps and of course the GP's too......
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