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Default Attending the shoots help to prove points

As for (some) of the region, no zero ranges (how long have i been complaining about this, 3 years?), grass in front of targets, sheep in front of targets same courses + targets always in the same lanes / positions each shoot?
Not being able to elect to shoot in A class was the final straw for me in the Agm!
No one in Wales listens?


On thing I reckon doesnt help your case with regards to ot being abl to pick your grade is the fact you havent been to the shoots etc to compete in them and put scores in.

As with anything thesedays it is nice to have the evidence there to put your point forward bud. I know you get cheesed off over some things, but when you do have the chance to shoot at some clubs you travel away etc and when you do shoot you use your kit that you have set up for some fun and do the courses standing and kneeling which doesnt help then when the percentages are high etc. For anything we need the evidence to try and sort things out bud....

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