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Default Bit of contradiction thr Simon

Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
The point i was trying to make was that a handicap system does give others, C + b a chance to "win" as such.

If there were such a system in the Wafta final then a B class shooter for instance would have a better chance, as it is i would not bet on any one in Wafta B class being able to beat you. apart from me!

I dont agree with the handicap system as such though, but as i said i dont like the points system either. Targets is targets.
Maybe with a handicap system in the grandslam final with you being in B class in WAFTA youd have the chance of winning it then eh bud?? Just wondering if thats the reason you would like it brought in for a cut down version of the BFTA Showdown that you have to qualify for through all the winter league shoots???

Just wondering thats all of course??

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