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However, with a handicap system the lower scorers have a chance, so they have something to aim for?

,,,,, they have something to aim for anyway -to improve and get better .also remember the aim is not to beat berty ect it is to hit targets ,we are shooting against the course not each other .

However, It dont work for me. I dont ike the points system either, i prefere number of targets hit as thats what the game is about. Thus i would have said Neil won.
To the rest of the shooters, you need to improve. Its what i have been trying to do for the last 5 years.

So, i guess the choice is not to enter the Castle handicap system if you thinks its not working, which is what i would probably do at this point?[/QUOTE]

,,,, i was not having a pop at castle i was just saying that you cannot improve new or novice shooters buy giving them false wins and hopes .

it is a fact in all sports that you have some people who win and some who dont .perhaps what the ukahft do and raffle things is the way to go .

but dont take away the fact that there are always those that win and those that did not ..
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