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That wind down the bottom was a *****. I lost 2-3 in the upper lower part to not giving wind to the wind i could not see and staying in and being pushed out. So i shot blind on a few and it worked, right up to the point where i was 1/2 a kill out and it went straight. Next target i stayed in, and it went all the way across and just stayed in. I think the next 6 targets i took straight, out on the left by up to a kill and a bit, to right over to the right hand edge. The 15mm was no party either... I was out, and it fell, dave was in and it went out (cant remember for certain), Helen was out and it didn't move.

It's perhaps unfair to say because I would not like to say how much was down to me and me just pulling the trigger at the right time and place, but if that 15mm had been a 25mm, then we would have all got it. So personally I think it allows for a little bit of short range fun that perhaps otherwise would have meant a gimme or another long shot.

Really good course. It's not one of those courses you look at and think it's a monster, but i cant think of any target that didn't require a decent amount of work, coupled with the wind and the switching angles, it packed one hell of a punch for such a small ground.

Cakes were very nice thanks Woody
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