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Originally Posted by berty177 View Post
What I would like to know is,

Firstly, is there anyone in a specific region for example NEFTA as Ian is from that region and he posted this. That has an issue with a person within that region that they wish to discuss over an open forum for everyone to see????

If there is an issue then maybe that specific region should get some balls and speak between themselves and deal with it.

If it is a gneral thing that people feel then maybe people should again forward their ideas to their regional reps and then have it put forward to the BFTA meeting and maybe attend as well to give the reasons for their points.

this has been discussed in the BFTA meetings as I was there unlike pretty much all the people who have alot to say on here about rules etc that are in place or being put into place. If you got anough to say on here then attend the meetings to let us discuss further and work on???? You wont though sadly....

I do not see the issue with changing what we have with the current rules at the moment within the BFTA. On speaking to people when I am at shoots they seem happy with the rules and the photo illustrations that as Tony said he was involved in showing what was agreed for the shooters who are disabled. I have not personally tried the positions to see if they give me an advantage or not etc, when people do suffer with some sort of disability then I take my hat off to them for trying their hardest for getting around a 50 shot course. Im sure if you all had some serious injuries or disabilities then a little help to be able to complete a course would be nice to have wouldnt it????

If anyone wishes to discuss further then I am all ears as everyone should know.....

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