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Default Castle March Cash Club Hadicap

I didn't want to hijack Gilli's post, But I would be remiss if I didn't reply to Steve's comments contained therein about Castle's Club Cash Shoot, for which I was largely responsible.

For the record: Beforehand, everyone was aware that the new handicap system was experimental. Many shooters asked how it worked and I explained. No one was forced to enter if they didn't want to as the club shoot was run along side.

(Incidentally, if the shooters that compete as Castle members had entered any scores throughout any visit in the past year, the results would have been very, very different. But since I had to penalise those not having any recorded score to be fair to all club members, the outcome was not satisfactory for those concerned. (As I expected.))

The grades in placings went thus:
1st C grade
2nd B grade
3rd C grade
4th A grade
5th B grade
6th AA grade
7th B grade
8th B grade
9th AA grade
10th C grade
In retrospect, It's a little bottom heavy, but a good mix of grades which any handicap system will produce. With more data it would have been better. However, I sincerely hope my mistake will not keep the Castle top guns from entering future club events (calendar permitting.)

A big thanks to Neil for being such a good sport about it. (I've not laughed so much for ages.)

Anyway. The “experiment” worked, and it has stimulated people to think about a way of including all club members at club competition level, (which is what I was trying to achieve.)
The development of the new and more balanced system has come about as a direct result. (Not my idea you may be relieved to learn.)

Since; we have just held our first committee meeting of the year and the inclusion of AA has been voted through unanimously at club level in the interests of a “level playing field,” with a view to making the up and coming Cyril Julian Trophy a hard fort competition across all grades.
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