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Originally Posted by L-S-R View Post
The problem will arise if someone shoots an incorrectly laid out target/lane and doesn't query it, the rest of those in attendance can't get it changed/altered As it must be the same for everyone, illegal targets can and does become contensious

Has anyone ever refused point blank to shoot a target that ws not in the rules?
It Happened at a Nefta shoot funnily enough i hit the 2 offending targets as i suppose others did the targets where withdrawn and i ended up hitting more targets and getting less points than some one who did not hit the 2 if that makes sense, the problem is now the rules are very clear of what we can and cannot have and if the target does not fall into the category of what we can have it is an illegal target making it no different to me shooting a standing target sitting.(Had an intresting one today lane marker target 15 pulled string to target quite clearly No 15 has the string was attached to the post with the number, on shot the correct target only noticing after that the actual target had got No16 attached)

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