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i think that it is just a total waist of time putting all the posts on hear as nothing can come of it. i am n.e.f.t.a. chairman. when ian taylor walked into the nefta meeting and broached the subject of disabled shooting i said that we would be opening a very large can of worms and lo and behold it has happend. this can only be sorted by the bfta or nsra or above. in the resent commonwelth games there was a woman archer who was sat on something like a shooting stick, now that must have been sorted out by some govening boddy so why not leave our problem to one or more of our govening boddys instead of putting all this bumf on hear. for gods sake leave it to the govening boddys and the powers that be and just get on with it. i am disabled through my back, one leg for the last 45 years, over wait, a stoke and now my second leg but i do what i can. i mite be in the rong putting this on hear if you think i am in the rong i am sorry but it is what i think and how i feel.
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