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Originally Posted by Gibbs View Post
I was told Steyr reccommend nothing on the end of their barrels because they have already fine tuned the barrel harmonics so I took the muzzle brake off mine and the groups did improve.
But I am very interested in Chrispro's comments about a brake allowing him to see the pellet land, that would be very useful and might even be worth a slightly bigger group?
The Steyr wil shoot its best groups with a bare muzel. Stripers can help by directing muzel blast upwards helping minimise jetting and muzel flip. They wil also protect from rain and nocks which can ruin acccuracy. They wont improve groups and can ruin them if you get the wrong one.

Barel harmonics are unlikley to be affected by light alloy muzel atachments. Benchrest tuning weights are quite heavy and position plays a big part in tuning.
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