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Originally Posted by BIGGS"N"WIFE View Post
First things first .......

Thanks to everybody involved for a blinder of a day. Cracking start to a new series.

Now as you all know I am not the biggest bloke out there so the last thing I would want to do is to mark someone's score card wrong... Guess what.... I marked Wayne Marriott's card wrong EEEEEEEEEK !!!!.
And he is a proper big tough bloke.

( He has just sent me a PM that said.... I HAVE JUST HEARD......) help

It was the last peg we shot, un-supported stander Wayne shot last and he was the only one out of our group that was skillfull enough to hit it ( grovel grovel ) I got chatting to someone about the day and forgot to put his 2 points in the box for what would have been a 55.
Not only that I also signed his card at the top so I could not get away with it.

So for what it's worth I am very sorry Wayne please don't bash me up to much.

I love you
Oh well, **** happens.
I'm just relieved that my mk3 is once again putting pellets where my cack hands put them,
but not always where I want them to go.

Back to the low 50's then

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