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Default The Nijmegen marchs 2009 Update.

The Nijmegen marchs 2009 Update.

With 5 weeks still to go before this years Nijmegen march all preparations are now complete. I have been walking the streets of Liverpool for a few months now 4 days each week with a few forays into the local, well fairly local Cambrian hills although I have not been anywhere near the 31 miles, 50 kilometres a day of the actual walk BUT I am now doing 16/18 miles round Liverpool and 18 miles in the hills plus cardiovascular work in the Gym. I am completing these distances with ease carrying around the 30/35lb mark in reasonable times at a speed of on average 3.74 miles an hour. Boots and socks are sorted now Brashers as main boots, with Karrimor KSB's as back up, Bridgedale liners as base layer and 1000 MILES double skinned as outer sock. Both of these contain a new material called COOLMAX and seem to work well so hopefully blisters won't be a problem. Nige Gillieman is lending me a decent Bergen (one of mine is to big, the other to small). I am using a 3ltr hydration sack for my main drinking water with spare water to top up also carried plus a few bottles of Lucozade replaced each day. I have found a supply of Dextrose at Holland and Barratt , older ex squaddies may remember this from the ration packs although sadly this excellent energy re hydration supplement is no longer added to the rat packs, IT REALLY IS LIKE SOMEONE SHOVING A ROCKET UP YOUR RING WHEN THAT STUFF HITS THE BLOODSTREAM .

I will be getting the evening Ferry from Hull to Rotterdam on the 19th July and will arrive early the following morning. It is then only an 80 mile drive to the town of Nijmegen on the excellent dutch motorway system. My firm are donating my diesel money and a tent to stay in should keep costs down. The Ferry was less than 250 return and my biggest outlay. Just hope I can find a decent shower nearby to wash all the sweat off and soak those tired TOOTSIES . If any members have a Garmin mini map to fit my sat nav, any chance of borrowing it .

I want to make it clear to all prospective folk who may sponsor me and those already kind enough to do so that all money raised will go to help wounded troops and NOT I repeat NOT offset any expenses incurred by myself.

A lovely lady at Liversedge recommended by our very own BBS member Tommo has sorted the embroidered polo shirts for the march and VERY TASTY THEY ARE . I'll have 5 of these to wear at a very reasonable cost, in fact thats what she's letting me have them for COST . As with most of these appeals and Fundraisers myself Clifford, Gillieman, Mad Mark have taken part in its always inspires me how kind and generous a lot of folk are and its these acts of kindness and generosity that keep me going when life throws a curve ball. There are always a few unpleasant selfish types but gladly only a few.

I have had a few minor problems with ankles, knees etc but the quack says its merely old age, old rugby injuries etc and nothing that can't be sorted with a HANDFUL of BRUFEN tablets . Can't help being a decrepid old twucker no can I .

I am already planning an 11 man team for 2010 and the team faciltys this opens up will make life so much easier. PLUS HOW MUCH SPONSORSHIP COULD ELEVEN GUYS RAISE SURELY 20'000/25'000. So failure in any way shape or form for me this year IS NOT AN OPTION.

I must thank Paul Bretland and my good bud and tireless celt Nige Williams plus the rest of the Fort crew at Wrexham for organising the charity HFT shoot on the 12th July 2009 Plus my bezzy Clifftop for organising the BBQ and Coconut shy and the Fort member who offered these. These lads and lasses have gone way above and beyond and I'm proud to call a lot of them my friends. I hope as many Airgunners HFTers reading this as possible can make it to what must surely be an excellent day. Thanks to Gilliemans ceasless efforts and prize donations by Fort members there will be some excellent prizes on offer.

I do hope everyone has a great time but we must remember that my competeing in the NIJMEGEN and the comp on 12th July are all to raise money for young men and women who have suffered horrendous life changing injuries serving our country. I just want those young squaddies to know some people, US care. WILL YOU SPONSORING ME FOR A FEW QUID MAKE A DIFFERENCE PUT SIMPLY YES! BE PART OF THE SOLUTION AND NOT PART OF THE PROBLEM.

I have competed in the Nijmegen before and am under no illusion that its gonna hurt. I was only 20 odd last time, now I am fast approaching my half century. But I have put the time in pounding pavement/hills and feel ready now. I just ask a few quid from members to help be part of the solution and not the apathetic nation the UK is fast becoming .

Clifftop and myself have had the privelege of meeting these fine young men and one cannot help but be inspired by their upbeat nature considering the appalling injuries they have suffered. Surely we are not the only ones who want to show our respect for these servicemen and woman by offering some help in the form of funds to aid the furthering rehabilitaion.

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