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Default 4 Counties Results - Round 1

A perfect start to the series hosted by Lea Valley today.

PlacingNameScoreClubClass (Open if not stsated)
1Mike Issacs57LV 
2Harry Kalaydjian57LV 
3Roger Lait57MAD 
4Shaun Eustace56MAD 
5Alex Larkin56MAD 
6Martin Slane56CAMB 
7Paul Foyle56MAD 
8Mike Carney56LV 
9Barry Smith56MAD 
10Clive Presland56CAMB 
11Jean Greatrex56MADLadies
12John Dove56LV 
13Greg Hensman (Younger)55KIB 
14Gary Chillingworth55MAD 
15Ralph Presland55CAMBSpringer
16Joe Robinson55LV 
17Bruce Marshall55CAMB 
18Ray Hampton55MAD 
19Dave Goldsbury55KIB 
20George Vant55MAD 
21Greg Hensman54KIB 
22Matt Rawlings54CAMB 
23Andrea Marshall54CAMBLadies
24Harry Fallows54MADJunior
25Nicola Pearson54CAMBLadies
26Becky Rawlings54CAMBJunior
27Alan Moss53MAD 
28Andy Yates53LV 
29Wayne Marriott53KIB 
30Jamie Chapman53KIB 
31Paul Bert53LVSpringer
32Doug Hartness53LV 
33Roger Bentley53LV 
34Simon Jones53CAMB.22
35Steve Griggs52MAD 
36Evan Grove52KIBJunior
37Kevin Turner52CAMB 
38Dave Maun52CAMB 
39Gill Cochrane52LVLadies
40Lee Hartness52LV 
41John Morgan51LV 
42Ron Whitney51LV 
43Simon Vant51MAD.22
44Jonathan Chiezly51CAMBJunior
45Ian Bainbridge50MAD 
46Matt Edwards50LV 
47Glen Pickard50LV 
48Dave Chapman50KIB.22
49Dan Ferrero50LV.22
50Linda OMalley50LVLadies
51Peter T Edwards49LV 
52Lloyd Grove49KIB 
53Mark Thompson49KIBSpringer
54Alan Sultano49CAMB 
55Reece Lord49MAD 
56Phil Russell49CAMB 
57Dave Edwards49LV 
58Chris Boulton49CAMB 
59Daniel Turner49KIBSpringer
60Andre Riphagan48LVSpringer
61Peter Husband48LVSpringer
62Toby Lee48LVSpringer
63Clive Madley48LV 
64Kyle Hampton47MADSpringer
65Larissa Sykes47CAMBJunior
66Anne Russell46CAMB 
67Michelle Pullen46KIBLadies
68Anthony Marshall45CAMBJunior
69Matt Goodson45CAMB 
70Kathy Thompson45KIBSpringer
71Jeff Westley45CAMBSpringer
72Paul Hurrell45LV 
73Chris Higgs44CAMB.22
74Peter J Edwards44LV 
75Dennis Oakes44MAD 
76Mick Reed42CAMB 
77Willow Riphagan41LVJunior
78David Warden41LV 
79Jez Morris41KIBSpringer
80Liz Osmon39CAMBLadies
81Dave Goodwin38MAD 
82Jeremy Morgan37LVJunior
83Steve Mourtt37LV 
84Terry Fairhurst37LV 
85Phillip Riphagan35LVJunior
86James Stevens34CAMB 
87Andy WilkinsonDNFKIB 

RankClubRound 1 Total
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