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yeh, if you look at the margins taking 30% as a guide, a tin of pellets is going out the door at about 2 to the manufacturer, so say there's 60p profit in a tin perhaps. So someone buys 50 tins and they see a whopping 30 perhaps out of a 300 order. Of course wages don't come into profit, but that's an accounting exercise. But it shows how little there is to be made out of shifting 25,000 pellets that someone wants. I'd hate to think of the costs of making 2.5 million pellets that no-one wants.

On an aside, I knew a steyr that needed a clean every 50-100 shots, and it needed the full lupus etc special greases to calm down, which it eventually did. The first few of the LG110's were nickel plated on the inside according to harry, and this delayed their release (getting it right) and may account for them going awry after a few shots... but that gun was probably the most accurate i've seen when it had the right pellet and was clean. Single holes at 50m, albeit now and then cloverleafed was the norm. Just wandered an inch at 25 and shotgunned when it got dirty. A clean and it was sweet again.

I thought i was my springer being different when i stopped pellet fettling with a batch this season... but it wasn't, the same batch goes really well in my walthers as well. Pity i've only got 33 tins left
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