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Originally Posted by Cooperman View Post
So it's not the rifle after all, thought as much!! Told you about using them Spitfires and Eley Wasps mate .

Love my Steyr, always been spot on and never had an issue with the reliability.... unlike my previous Mk3!!

If you want to keep the barrel clean Gary then have a look at the VFG rod and felts. Been using one since I bought the rifle 4 years ago and although not the cheapest it's really good to work with. I would say though DON'T ever use the blue abrasive paste, just clean it with the first few felts dipped in something like Napier Gun Cleaner followed by a few more dry ones.

I clean the barrel every couple of tins.

Also have a look at the Lupus grease. I use a small amount on a felt pellet after every comp. and just shoot a few dry felts before using it again next time out. Keeps the polished inside of the barrel really clean and helps against any possibility of corrosion.

And if you feel it needs a service then give Harry Preston a call. Really good service with a very quick turnaround time. When he had mine I posted on the Monday and had it back Thursday evening.

Hope this might help and good luck in shutting up a few of the Daystate lynch mob this season....
Lynch mob !!! how dare you Sir. We are are Daystate, we have shooting party's or hunt the Chilli with hounds/Attack Sheep
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