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Originally Posted by Twang View Post
Well Paul, you got me there. I thought I was reasonably edjamacated but "Stoma" got me I tried google english to norwegian and got Stomi ... doh ? still none the wiser. Not to be beaten, I got out the old hard back "dictionary" (remember them ?) .. and lo & behold it means ... A minute orifice in animals. Now, now Paul - that's no way to describe the nice nurse ... Virgin is she ?
I escaped wednesday afternoon, no ninja-ing needed Had a decent nights sleep but woke yesterday with a bit of an upset stomach, full of wind which is difficult to get rid of and a slight feeling of wanting to be sick, that just got worse through the day. I was sick a couple of times between 4 and 6pm but it didn't ease up, i'd hardly had anything to eat and Di was really worried about me, she phone the hospital and i went through and got some nice drugs...two tablets twice a day to take away the sickly feeling. Today i feel 100% better. Also had an appointment to see about the folow up treatment which will start in 2-4 weeks, that'll be radio therapy combined with chemotherapy tablets to shrink the tumour before a futher op to cut it out, the treatment is for five weks and is mon-fri at weston park hospital in sheffield. It's gonna be a long haul but i'm up for it.
The stoma is what they call the piece of my bowel that is now sticking out the right hand side of my stomach Andy, it's a bit of pink muscle where the poop comes out and the stoma bag catches it. I've been overloaded with techcnical medical terms.
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