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Originally Posted by ANDREW GILLOTT View Post
Wont be doing this with silly`s Neil. Overall picture I`m getting from talking to people and txts messages is that its not a good idea! Most people seem to think they dont stand a chance of winning against `certain` shooters who they would be competing against. Subsequently, theirs not enough going to enter. I cant think of any viable handicap system to use. So probably just ask me and mr D to go head to head again, winner take all. Still open to any viable ideas though to attract the un decided.
its a shame you can get enough people interested i can understand peoples concern with regards to cheating ect.i think it would definatly work on the sillys,that way there would be no way of been able to cheat.also with regards to people thinking that they dont stand a chance of winning,ie been up against people who maybe shouldnt be in that particular grade,well in the sillys we are all on the same grade, and the people who take part in that event must feel that they stand a chance of winning otherwise surely they wouldnt enter.
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