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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
This series is nealry at an end.

Horrah you say, oh well

Anyway, good practise session today at tondu with the Priest.

apart from the heat (something to do with the sun being out?) lifting the pellets 4 clicks at 50m and also they being about 4 clicks off windage too!

Think the windage thing is one of two problems.

Sportsmatch mounts? Never had much faith in them, especially since the REV switched to Bkl. So, looking for an Arms deal to produce a set of Straight Black Bkl for no 27 Luep.

The Priest is a floated barrel gun. Cant be sure that the shift problem may not be here?

So, this weekend I will give no 27 one more test at Mendips and then the Priest goes for re-setting up with Mr.Ostler, before he moves and wont tell me where too

Once the shift was re-dialed, did some testing at 40 + 50 m with Dai 35 and 60, straight from tin, sized.

Turns out the Priest definatley likes the Sized Express.

So, onto Mendips Sunday, then world Domination
I have sportsmatch mounts on all my scopes . never had a problem ??? HOLLY
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